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Football Equipment You'll Need

Each football player will need the following equipment:

  • Custom Jersey (paid for with registration)
  • Helmet (available to rent or purchase from League or Associations)
  • Mouth Guard
  • Shoulder Pads (available to rent or purchase from League/Assoc.)
  • Game Pants (available to purchase from League)
  • Hip, Thigh, Knee & Tail Pad Set (if they are not integrated into your game pants)
  • Socks
  • Cleats
  • Practice Jersey & Practice Pants (Optional)

Helmet Reconditioning

What: Any helmet that has been used for more than one season.
**Please note: Equipment checks will be done before practice with pads start. Helmets with initial seasons/last re certification dates of 2022 or earlier MUST be sent in for reconditioning now, before season starts or they will not be eligible for use. Helmets with initial season or re-certification date of 2022 or newer are approved to use this season & do not need to be sent until next year**
Where: Drop off to league office (call first, 694-7850)
Cost: $85 (includes reconditioning service and shipping)

**If you miss the February 1st deadline to send with the league's group order, visit the Riddell website to learn more about individual helmet rates & timing**

Reconditioning Process:
There are twelve separate inspections and evaluations that occur throughout our reconditioning process. Here is a list of the steps taken to ensure every helmet  processed receives hands on attention to detail.

1) Evaluation, estimate and inspection

2) Receiving and inspection.

sunvalco recon inspection

3) Pre Reconditioning helmet testing and inspection.


5) Helmet breakdown, and inspection.

sunvalco recon breackdown

6) Helmet buffing, preparation, and inspection.

sunvalco recon buff

7) Helmet cleaning, sanitizing and inspection.


8) Helmet polishing, refinishing and inspection.


9) Helmet reassembly and inspection.


10) Post reconditioning helmet testing and inspection.

SUNVALCO Helmet Testing-1

11) Final inspection.

SUNVALCO Helmet Re-assembly

12) Helmet packaging and Inspection.

sunvalco recon box

Rental Equipment Programs

Buccaneers, Cowboys, Eagles & Jaguars - 
Rental Cost for package: $85 / Helmet Only: $65 / Shoulder Pads Only: $35

  • Helmets & shoulder pads are now available to rent from the League office. 
  • Equipment is first come/first serve & availability is limited. Do not wait to go get yours. 
  • Distribution schedule for date/times - will be announced
  • Player must be registered before they can get rental equipment.

Rental Cost for package: $75 / Helmet Only: $50/ Shoulder Pads Only: $35

  • Helmets & shoulder pads are available to rent from Eagle River Panther Association (ERPA)
  • Athletes are sized and equipment is distributed the week before practice begins, Monday-Friday 6-8PM, location to be announced. (here is a fairly robust trade of hand me downs of cleats, football pants, etc.)
  • Parents need to purchase or get hand me downs of: black game pants, practice pants, practice jersey, hip, thigh, knee and tail pads, mouth guard & cleats

  • If you have any questions about the rental program please email [email protected] 

Mat-Su Seahawks
Rental Cost for package: $85 / Helmet Only: $65 / Shoulder Pads Only: $35 / Pants Only $30

  • Seahawks rental package includes: helmet, shoulder pads, pants and game socks 
  • Sizing Date:  TBA
  • Team equipment managers will distribute helmets on the first day of practice. Remaining equipment will be distributed after players have met initial 10 hours of non-pad practice

Mat-Su Steelers
Rental Cost for package: $85 / Helmet Only: $65 / Shoulder Pads Only: $35 / Pants Only $30

  • Steelers rental package includes: helmet, shoulder pads, game pants, practice pants, mouthpiece and game socks 
  • Equipment sizing is by appointment, please contact Clint at [email protected]
  • Rental gear is distributed by your Head Coach upon completion of their first 10 hours of no pads practice

Proper Helmet Fitting


CDC Helmet Safety

 image of the app

The CDC HEADS UP Concussion and Helmet Safety app will help you learn how to spot a possible concussion and what to do if you think your child or teen has a concussion or other serious brain injury.

The application also includes a 3D helmet fit feature that teaches about proper helmet fit, safety and care.

Download for Free

Download on the App Store        Android App on Google Play

Your child's helmet should fit properly and be:

  • Well maintained
  • Age appropriate
  • Worn consistently and correctly  
  • Appropriately certified for use

Helmet Fitting Resources 

 Download: Riddell Helmet Fitting Guide

Download: Riddell Concussion Information Guide 

Download: CDC Football Helmet Fact Sheet

CDC Football Helmet Fact Sheet

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