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Covid-19 Return to Play Protocol & Mitigation Plan

ASCPW Return to Play & Mitigation Plan

The following guidelines and protocols are in place to mitigate COVID risks. The Return to Play & Mitigation Plan is written documentation of the implementation of the COVID-19 risk management program for the Alaska South Central Pop Warner (ASCPW) Youth Football and Cheer Association.  The plan will adhere to practices consistent with the State of Alaska Department of Health & Social Services, Anchorage School District (ASD), Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District (MSBSD), Alaska School Activities Association (ASAA), and Center for Disease Control (CDC).  This document is subject to change as restrictions & recommendations evolve.

This mitigation plan assumes the State of Alaska, Matanuska-Susitna Borough (MSB), and the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) remain in Phase 3 or 4 of the Reopen Alaska Responsibly Plan. This plan may be suspended any time based on the reinstatement of Phase 1 or 2 or this plan may be adjusted based on updated guidance from the before mention governing bodies.

This plan reinforces that even when permitted to resume summer activities in low-risk status, ASCPW will require coaches to do so responsibly and follow the best-practice recommendations outlined in the ASAA Return-to-Activities protocols  in order to reduce the chance of exposure to COVID-19 between staff, participants, volunteers, spectators, and the public.

If it is determined that conditions change to medium-risk status, all previous protocols remain in place with the additional restrictions added as outlined in ASAA’s Return to Activities Protocol.

Due to the risks associated with playing sports during the COVID-19 pandemic, ASCPW will require each family of a student athlete, as well as anyone participating in the sporting event, to sign an acknowledgement of the risks and a waiver of liability. This form is designed to assess certain risk factors, highlight the dangers of participating in ASCPW events, and ask that each participant not hold ASCPW liable for any harm that may result if a student athlete or participant contracts COVID-19. It is important to carefully review the form before you sign, as you will be giving up important legal rights.


·       Defining Event: An event is any player and staff activity organized and approved by ASCPW and/or any of its Associations (South Anchorage Buccaneers, Westside Cowboys, East Anchorage Eagles, South Anchorage Jaguars, Eagle River Panthers, Mat-Su Seahawks and Mat-Su Steelers)

·       Defining Participant: For the purpose of this mitigation plan, “Participant” means any person participating in an event with ASCPW including all official volunteers (anyone on an official roster), players, and spectators.

·       Event Plan: Organization will be required to provide an Event Plan, including an Event Map outlying, check-in points, registration areas, roles & responsibilities, and implementation of COVID measures during events.

·       Pre-Season: Each Association will disseminate information to all participants about the COVID-19 risk and practices that should be undertaken to mitigate risks.  Information will be disseminated by way of email, social media, coach talks, and public announcements.

·       Spread Out Scheduling of Events: The Coordinator will schedule and allocate time events to allow one group to vacate the premises before the next group enters.  This will allow for proper sanitation of surfaces and other equipment.

·       COVID-19 Self-Reporting: Each Association will comply with all regulatory requirements, privacy policies, and information sharing regulations as regards to COVID-19 self-reporting of symptoms, or positive tests by players, staff, as well as by related family members with whom they have had close contact.

·       Training: Each Association will train all participants on appropriate cleaning and disinfection, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette.


·       COVID-19 Coordinator:  All ASCPW Events will enact one, or more, “Covid Coordinators” to oversee all aspects of the COVID risk management plan, including development from appropriate resources, implementation, monitoring, updates/changes, communications, staff training, regulatory compliance, and answering player, parent, and staff questions about COVID concerns.

·       Waiver & Release: All participants must complete and submit a ASCPW COVID Sports Waiver and Release form prior to participation in any session.

·       Back Up Staffing Plan:  Each Association will have a backup staffing plan in the case a staff member becomes infected.

·       Face Coverings for Coaches and Staff:  All staff & official volunteers should wear PPE such as face coverings and whenever applicable.

·       Face Covering for Players:  Players should wear face coverings in close contact areas and situations where applicable and not engaged in vigorous activity. Players will be allowed to wear face coverings during competition if they choose to do so, and they don’t compromise the safety of any and all participants.

·       Social Distancing Monitors:  Staff members & official volunteers who help encourage social distancing between players, staff, and spectators.

·       Vulnerable individuals: are defined by the CDC as people age 65 years and older and others with serious underlying health conditions, including , but not limited to, high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma, and those whose immune systems are compromised such as by chemotherapy for cancer and other conditions requiring such therapy. It is recommended that “vulnerable individuals,” including coaches, student participants, staff and officials, consult with their health care provider to determine whether participation in activities or events is prudent under the circumstances. Requests for reasonable accommodations should be considered in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Alaska law.

·       High Risk Staff/Volunteer:  Staff & official volunteers with underlying conditions will refrain from attending practices, games and other organization events.

·       High Risk Player/Athlete:  Players with underlying conditions will refrain from attending practices, games and other organization events.

·       Stay Home When Appropriate:  Staff, Official Volunteers, Players, Spectators, and Parents will stay home when they are showing symptoms of COVID-19, have a temperature over 100.4 Fahrenheit, have tested positive for COVID-19, or have had close contact with a person with COVID-19.

·       Locations:  Maps of the event area(s) will be made available and include, but not be limited to, an outline of the designated check-in locations, hand washing stations, and designated congregation areas.


·       Restructure of Practices:  Restructure of practices will focus on conditioning, drills, skill building. Staff will limit close contact to a specified number of minutes during simulation drills and scrimmages.

·       Social Distancing: During events, participants should try to maintain the 6 ft. distance standard if possible.  This standard also applies during warmups and drills and should only have close contact during actual competition.

·       Face Coverings: Participants are encouraged to wear cloth face coverings when not engaged in vigorous activity. Coaches and spectators are always strongly encouraged to wear cloth face coverings. It is critical that coaches recognize the importance of modeling best practices while working with student athletes.

·       No Handshakes/Celebrations:  Participants should refrain from handshakes, high fives, fist/elbow bumps, chest bumps, group celebrations, etc.

·       Player Provided Mask, Hand Sanitizer and Wipes:  Parents should provide all players with hand sanitizer for use between play periods as well as antibacterial wipes for disinfecting player provided equipment.  Player required gear such as visors, position gloves, and compression gear will not be provided.  Parents are encouraged to provide their player with a face mask or gator. Participants should be encouraged to wash or sanitize their hands frequently throughout the session.

·       Staff Provided Mask, Hand Sanitizer and Wipes:  Staff members & official volunteers will be provided their own mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer for frequent use; and antibacterial wipes for disinfecting hard surfaces and shared equipment. Participants should be encouraged to wash or sanitize their hands frequently throughout the session.

·       Limited Spectator Attendance:  Organizations may choose to limit spectator risk by limiting attendance to essential staff and limited family members.


Pre-Event (Practices, Scrimmages, Games, Competitions, Showcase)

·       Registration: ASCPW will encourage pre-registration for Participants and volunteers. Walk-ins will be permitted if attendance logs are being maintained. Attendance logs will include information necessary to facilitate contact tracing of a confirmed exposure. Information will include:

  1. A temperature check for all participants
  2. A record of the participants name and contact information (phone or email)
  3. Response to five screening questions:
    1. Have you had a fever in the last 72 hours?
    2. Do you have a persistent cough?
    3. Do you have a sore throat?
    4. Are you experiencing unusual shortness of breath?
    5. Have you had close contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

·       Social Distancing:  During pre-game, participants should maintain the 6 ft. distance if possible, during warmups and drills and should only have close contact during actual competition.

·       No Congregation:  Participants should not congregate prior to an event and remain in designated areas. Participants should avoid other groups that are leaving the prior event.  

·       Check in Process:  Participants should continue social distancing during the check in process for events.  There will be a single point of contact for each division during events.

·       Disinfect Hard Surfaces:  When arriving at team seating or sideline areas, participants will disinfect all hard surfaces such as benches, railings, and equipment racks.

Post-Event (Practices, Scrimmages, Games, Competitions, Showcase)

·       Cleaning:  Team staff will clean and dispose of all trash from player seating or sideline areas when departing practice or games. When an active participant is identified as being COVID-19 positive by testing, CDC cleaning and disinfecting must be performed as soon after the confirmation of a positive test as practical. In lieu of performing CDC cleaning and disinfecting, the athletic facility may shut down for a period of at least 72 consecutive hours to allow for natural deactivation of the virus, followed by site personnel performing a comprehensive disinfection of all common surfaces.

§  Cleaning and disinfecting should be conducted in compliance with CDC protocols:



·       No Congregation:  Participants will quickly exit the practice or playing location after the event and go directly to their cars without congregating with other teams or spectators in common areas.

·       Social Distancing:  Social distancing will be practiced by participants during all locker room activities and post-game briefing sessions.

Playing Equipment

·       Spacing of Player Equipment:  Player equipment should be spaced accordingly to prevent close contact.

·       Player Provided Equipment:  Players will be encouraged to bring their own equipment and to not share with others.  Player provided equipment should be kept separate and in individual bags or containers.

·       Limit Team Shared Equipment:  The use of team shared equipment (e.g. protective gear, balls, bats, etc.) will be limited whenever possible and will be sanitized after each use if possible.  Otherwise, the team will limit use of team shared supplies and equipment to one group of players at a time and sanitize between use.

·       Water Bottles:  Water and sports drink jugs will no longer be provided by sports facilities or our organization.  Players and staff should bring their own water bottles to all team activities to help to reduce transmission risk. Individuals should take their own water bottles home each night for cleaning and sanitation.  Visiting teams should also bring their own water bottles.


·       Foot Traffic Control:  All event locations will adhere to social distancing by implementing multiple foot traffic entry and exit points.

·       Water Fountains: Will be closed with tape and signage. The Association will provide new water bottles for participants.

·       Concessions:  Concessions will be discontinued until ASCPW is able to implement and ensure necessary COVID precautions.  Precautions include:

  • ft spacing markers in concession lines between customers.
  • Concessions staff instructed to not report to duty if they don’t feel well, have symptoms, or have a temperature.
  • Concession staff required to wear gloves and face masks.
  • Steps taken to prevent cross contamination; and frequent sanitation of all surface.

·       Rest Rooms:  Restrooms will limit occupancy to one person at a time and larger rest rooms will provide 6 ft distance markings.

·       Cleaning/Disinfecting:  Staff should use disposable disinfectant wipes on all training areas, locker rooms, equipment, common areas, door handles, railings, water fountains, seating, bathrooms, etc. on a regular basis.

·       Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizer Stations:  Facilities will attempt to provide hand washing stations that are foot activated and hand sanitizer (60% alcohol) stations.

ASCPW Return to Play & Mitigation Plan

ASCPW Event Plan

The following form is required for all ASCPW events:
ascpw c19 event plan.pdf

ASAA Return to Play Protocol

ASCPW will follow ASAA Return to Activites protocol. If the risk level changes, we will implement the appropriate restrictions. 

asaa-return-to-activities-protocol 1.pdf

Covid-19 Waiver

All ASCPW participants will be required to have the following waiver signed by all parental guardians prior to participation. If no form is on file, participants will not be allowed to participate. 

ASCPW Covid-19 Participation Waiver

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