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It is important that there is an understanding between parents and ASCPW regarding the no refund policy. In order to run this league ASCPW has to prepay for insurance, field & port-a-potty usage, referees, refurbishment of the football gear, and other required administrative expenses. We prepay for most things prior to the season starting and can't recoup them in the event your child decides he/she doesn't want to play. It is for that reason ASCPW has a strict refund policy:

  • If a participant decides to drop from the program prior to July 1st:
    • Registration costs, minus a $35 processing fee (to cover time & credit card processing fees), can be refunded. 
    • If uniforms or jersey has been ordered, it is non-refundable. If order has not been placed, it may be refunded. 

  • On or after July 1st there are only two exceptions to receive a refund 
    • If a military family receives orders to relocate out of state
    • If a player receives a letter from a Doctor stating it is unsafe for them to play
    1. If a parent has requested a refund due to medical reasons/military orders prior to the start of the season, they will receive a refund minus $35 processing fee
    2. If a child has participated in a practice, but no games, then they can receive up to a 50% registration fee refund minus: $35 processing fee, uniform/jersey cost and rental equipment fees.
    3. If a child has participated in at least one game, then there is no refund.

In all cases, the parent must email a written request (attaching all relevant documentation) to the League Office at: [email protected]. The Board will review the request and vote on approvals & amounts.  Upon approval, refund will be issued either via Blue Sombrero (online registration site) or by a ASCPW check which will be mailed to the address on registration form (unless another address is requested.)

Please note: If there are multiple players in an account, and one has an open balance.. any amount to be refunded will first be applied to that open balance - any renaming funds will then be returned.

Absolutely no refunds will be issued if player has outstanding rental gear.



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